Everything you need to know…and more!

How much is the entrance fee?

From 8 months to 2 years old, the entry is £2.95

From 3 to 12 years old, it’s £4.95

What is a Private Party and how much does it cost?

A Private Party is the reservation of the whole House for a Standard Party or a Party Plus, for private use of you and your guests. When it is booked during normal working hours, the extra fee for the Private Party is £250 on top of the cost of either one of our two party options*, as we close the doors to other customers. *i.e., if a Standard Party for 10 children is £95, a Private, Standard Party would be £345

Do parents/ carers who escort a child need to pay anything?

Parents and generally, grown-ups do not need pay for admission nor any other charges. Their contribution to Neverland, is anything they buy from our bar and kitchen 🙂

Is Neverland Fun House baby-friendly?

Yes, there is a safe ball-pit by the cafe area and high-chairs available!
There are also baby changing facilities on site as well as a parking space for your pushchair!

Is there parking?

There are few free spaces at the front of Neverland Fun House.
However, there is a private parking at the back of the premises where you can pay via Just Park app, only  £0.50/ hour   Location ID on site